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Do you have any pics of damsel gagged with clear see through tape, where you can still see their lips?

There might be some in the archive somewhere, but clear tape is kinda hit or miss with me depending on which type. If it’s one that camouflages into the skin, I want no part of it.

Movie scene: Nancy Drew, having been caught snooping, is left in a locked room with her hands tied behind her back and her mouth effectively taped shut. Sensing potential rescuers nearby, she frantically pounds her boot-clad feet against the door. Now the question: who plays her?

I could see Abigail Breslin snooping around as Nancy Drew. She struggled her cute little butt off in her DID scene in Haunter. This would be a piece of cake for her really.


Undercovers - ‘Jailbreak’ featuring Lisa O’Hare

Last pic is seriously way too cute.


Left bound and gagged (and with an attached note) in her husband’s wardrobe…

Tape gag captions aren’t limited to just derogatory ones. Words like “mmph” or “help” are just as effective in drawing me in.


Rachel Blakely

Someone asked me to recommend some blogs that are like mine (heavy on the bondage that is). It’s a question I get asked quite frequently and it’s also one that I love answering, but I’ve decided to go ahead and set up a page documenting the list of blogs similar to mine that are worth a look and a follow IMO. I’ve also done the same with non-bondage blogs that I often reblog from if you want to give those a look as well.

Bondage Blogs I Like

Non-Bondage Blogs I Like

I’ll be adding to these when I can.

Reblog if you want a Black Widow movie.



"Do You?"


Hogtied with her own nylons, and gagged with some tape from her kitchen, Charlie is left to struggle while the burglar ransacks her house.


More hot girls in leggings - yoga pants at http://leggingspics.tumblr.com/


More hot girls in leggings - yoga pants at http://leggingspics.tumblr.com/